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Additional Information

  • Returned Goods Policy

    In accordance with applicable Federal and State Law, once a medication has been received by the patient, we are not allowed to return the medication to our inventory and issue a refund. Medications will be shipped only after we receive approval. Please notify us immediately if there are any changes to your medication therapy or scheduled delivery.

  • Medication Substitution Protocols

    Whenever possible, we will substitute a lower-cost generic medication for a brand-name medication unless you or your prescriber has asked for a specific brand-name drug. This may occur for new prescriptions, refills, or prescription transfers and may be subject to prescription insurance requirements or medication availability.

  • Disclosure & Confidentiality Policy

    We prioritize protecting the confidentiality of the information you, your health plan, and your health care providers share with us. We promise to use this information only to deliver the services your health plan has contracted with us to provide and to provide you with helpful information.

    Notice of Privacy Practices

    For any questions on how we protect or use your health information, please call us and ask for the Specialty Pharmacy Manager or the Chief Executive Officer.

  • Regulatory Changes

    If state or federal regulations change the way we provide your care, we will notify you of the change(s) and any impact to the services you receive.

  • How to Contact Us for Further Information

    For further information about our pharmacy services, please visit us during normal business hours at 355 West King Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603.

    You may also email us at specialty@ganseapothecary.com but please do not include any protected health information in your message.

Pharmacist On-Call 24/7/365

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