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Together Let’s Improve Processes & Outcomes by

Establishing Proper Medication Handling Practices!

At Medication Management Consultants our purpose is to help make sure your medication handling practices adhere to the industry standards, rules and regulations for medication management.

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What We Do

Medication Management Consultants reviews, evaluates and makes recommendations in regard to the handling of:

  • Patients’ medication

  • MAR administration

  • Controlled substances

  • Stock medication

  • Chart review

  • Sample medications

  • Med Room Management

  • Peer Review

We also assume overall accountability in the development and/or approval of Medication Management policies and procedures.

Quarterly Evaluations to Ensure Success

We provide you with written evaluations and recommendations, and then provide quarterly evaluations in areas such as:

  • Storage

  • Handling

  • Security

  • Administration

  • Training

  • Waste

  • Destruction

  • Recalls

  • & more!

Keeping You Up-to-Date

Because we believe it’s vital that the policies and procedures put in place are relevant and meet your staff’s needs, we’re committed to keeping your staff knowledgeable in regard to changes in best practices, rules and regulations.

A dedicated representative from our office will educate your team and serve as an on-going resource for your staff.

Call us today at 717-394-5671 or email mmcinfo@ganseapothecary.com to learn more or to set-up an appointment!