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PDA waiver program

The PDA Waiver Program is a long term care program that assists frail elderly Pennsylvanians with the services they need to live independently in their own homes and communities.

Consider these benefits as you read about the PDA Waiver:

  • Provides an alternative to long term care in a nursing facility;
  • Allows you to receive services in your home and community;
  • Offers a wide array of services;
  • Gives consumer choice of approved services and providers;
  • Qualifies participants for other Medical Assistance benefits; and
  • Provides on-going support and assistance from the local Area Agency on Aging.

What is the Waiver Program?

Administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging and provided statewide by your local Area Agency on Aging, the program provides long term care services to frail older adults as an alternative to nursing facilities.

What Services are Available?

Home health and personal care services, home support, attendant care, respite care, adult day care, transportation, home modifications, specialized medical equipment and supplies, counseling, extended state plan physician services, home delivered meals, personal emergency response, and companions. Care management and service coordination is provided by your local Area Agency on Aging.

Who is Eligible?

  • You must be a resident of Pennsylvania, at least 60 years of age, and meet all of the following criteria:
  • Require the level of care of a nursing facility; (A consumer must be assessed and determined eligible for nursing facility care. The determination is based on a medical evaluation conducted by the consumer's physician, and an assessment conducted by the Area Agency on Aging.)
  • Can be served in the community by available health and social services;
  • Meet the financial requirements, as determined by your local County Assistance Office - income at or below $1692.00 per month (this amount is 300% of the 2004 SSI benefit level) and assets at or below $2,000.00, plus a new $6,000.00 asset disregard totalling $8,000.00 in allowable assets. Assets in excess of this new $8,000.00 limit may be transferred to your spouse without penalty. (The Department of Public Welfare, through the local County Assistance Office, assesses the income and assets of the consumer and determines the consumer's financial eligibility for waiver. Only income and assets of the consumer are considered); and
  • Agree to the requirements and responsibilities of the program.

How Does the Program Work?

Each PDA Waiver consumer will have the support and assistance of their local Area Agency on Aging. The agency's staff will regularly assess your needs; help develop and maintain an adequate and appropriate plan of care; assist in selecting Medical Assistance and program approved services and product providers, and monitor the quality of those services provided.

What Does the Program Cost?

There are no consumer payments or co-payments to the providers for the purchase of approved services. Since consumers in the PDA Waiver receive Long Term Care services funded by Medical Assistance, Estate Recovery does apply.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact your local Area Agency on Aging for more information regarding the PDA Waiver and other aging services or call the Department of Public Welfare toll-free at 1-800-692-7462.

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